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INTRODUCTORY DESCRIPTION what’s here, a bit of background that won’t fit on this page!


The Corrected HLC TEXT optimized for on-screen reading and use of footnote references


Access all six volumes in PROOFED HTML copies  through their Tables of Contents

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Volume I          read The HLC Text    IA      read The [Sub]Urtext <unproofed>        

Volume II         Workbook (daily lessons)

Volume III        Manual for Teachers

Volume IV        Use of Terms

Volume V         Psychotherapy

Volume VI        Song of Prayer


Access all six volumes in SCANNED PHOTOCOPIES of the original typescripts (pdf images)

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Volume I          HLC Text           Volume IA      [Sub]Urtext <WARNING: huge files 57 and 55 Mb>

Volume II         Workbook (daily lessons) <WARNING: huge file 49 Mb>

Volume III        Manual for Teachers  5 Mb

Volume IV        Use of Terms             1.2 Mb

Volume V         Psychotherapy           748 Kb

Volume VI        Song of Prayer           722 Kb