The Scholar’s Toolbox I & II

ACIM Primary Source Documents, Concordances and Audio

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Note: some of the files on this site are rather large, over 100 Mb in some cases, and are likely to load rather slowly if your Internet link is slow.  A high speed Internet Connection is highly recommended for the use of this site.  For greater speed, you can purchase a DVD which includes everything on this site and quite a bit more.


This website contains a subset of the “Scholar’s Toolbox DVD” which is included with the book:




The Urtext Manuscripts

The Complete Seven Volume Combined Edition


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The Scholar’s Toolbox is a library of primary source documents in “facsimile” (photocopy of original manuscripts) form and in searchable “e-text” typed transcripts, and of course, Concordances.  And of course it’s all cross-referenced.  Included are copies of all the versions of the Course prepared by the Scribes which have, to date, come to light.  If you’ve ever wanted to see how other versions render a particular passage, this is the “toolbox” needed. And if you explore, you’ll see that there is a good deal more here as well, along with a vast amount of documentation, tutorials, help files and other resources.


1)      Primary Source library:    The Scholar’s Toolbox I


2)      Concordances:                  The Scholar’s Toolbox II


3)      High Resolution Notes facsimile manuscript images


4)      HLC “synthesized” Audio (not currently on line)


5)      The Annotated HLC (e-text)


6)      The Urtext Manuscripts in Seven Volumes (e-text)


7)      Bibles and Concordances


8)      Order books, CDs, DVDs etc.


9)      Listen to Doug Thompson’s commentaries


10)    ACIM On-line copies:

          HTML files for Notes, Urtext, HLC and FIP versions


11)    Workbook Daily Reading Calendar (click here for today’s lesson)


12)    All ACIM versions, all editions, reviewed with on-line copies


13)    The Original Dictation combining both Shorthand Notes

and Urtext Manuscripts chapters one through eight


14)    The Scribings of Mary Bruce Wallace (Course-related material

from others on “the other side.”


15)    The Impersonal Life  The Scribings of Joseph S. Brenner

(Course related material from the “I AM.”


16)    Saul Steinberg, first printer of ACIM, tells the story of

the Course’s origins (4 hour audio presentation)


17)    Saul Steinberg, All Healing is Through God

               This is a large (56 Mb high resolution PDF scan)


18)    Paul Steinberg, - Discussions with (book – 20 Mb)