Our Mission


To bring the original ACIM to the light of day! 


To provide ACIM students with the most accurate,

authentic and reliable scholarly tools and resources possible for that purpose.



“Our only integrity as scholars is not to be right and correct but to be honest and public. 

‘Fixing’ data entails a deliberate intention to deceive. 

When one scholar accuses another of fixing the evidence, somebody has lost his integrity.”

-         John Dominic Crossan, The Birth of Christianity, p. 114


…the 1975 version of ACIM has been advertised as “virtually unchanged” from the original dictation for two and a half decades.  It can now be seen that the original material is often virtually unrecognizable or just as often in the early chapters, missing entirely.


The original manuscripts of ACIM remain largely inaccessible in varying ways and for a variety of reasons,

which renders their study problematic.

Their thorough study and scholarly editing is one way to restore the original dictation to the light of day.

That’s our mission.



More about the Scholarly Edition Project and Getting ACIM right!


 Getting it right is the product of competent, honest scholarship.

 Integrity is the measure of honest scholarship.

 Secrecy and deception are toxins which often prove fatal to integrity.